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Authorized Distributor for Perma-Chink Systems, Inc.

After he had used Perma-Chink Systems products on his own log cabin, Bill Hess was so impressed that he inquired about becoming a Perma-Chink Systems distributor. Bill had been in business for himself for many years and he knew this was just the type of product line that he could promote with interest and enthusiasm.

So, in 1994 Hess Log Home Supplies was founded to serve log home customers in Pennsylvania, New York and surrounding states.

LindaBill's sound knowledge of building and his in-depth understanding of the supplies that he is selling combine to provide invaluable service to homeowners and contractors alike. Bill and the rest of the staff at Hess Log Home Supplies are never too busy to give any customer as much time as needed to feel confident enough to tackle the job of finishing or restoring their own log home. For the customers who prefer to have an experienced professional do their work, he can put them in contact with contractors who specialize in log home finishing and restoration.

JulieJust as Perma-Chink Systems provides a Family of Log Home Products that work together, Hess Log Home Supplies is a family operated business. Daughter Linda joined Hess Log Home Supplies fulltime in 1997, son Dave who recently built his own hand-hewn log home using Perma-Chink Systems products, joined the staff in 2005 followed by Julie in 2006. Their professional knowledge of log home maintenance is always ready to help customers, whether on the phone or face to face.

During peak seasons grandsons Eric and Mike are available to keep business running smoothly. They are experienced at building log homes, including application of Perma-Chink Systems products. Along with a genuine belief in the product line that he sells, Bill believes that personal service and timely delivery are both key to a successful relationship with his customers.

Hess Log Home Supplies does everything possible to make sure that orders are shipped on the same day that they are received.

Eric & DaveHess Log Home Supplies is the recipient of more awards for Outstanding Customer Service than any other distributor for Perma-Chink Systems. Careful attention to the needs of every customer has been the hallmark of their business from the start. Just ask any Hess Log Home Supplies customer!

Since April 2011 Hess Log Home Supplies is now Perma-Chink Systems, Inc

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